Monthly Reflection


In the shadow of anguish, 

trust in hope.

In the had enough
and not yet to come,
between yesterday and tomorrow,
say yes to today. 

Accept in powerlessness
that I don't have to produce
what I cannot produce.

Stop proving to myself
that I am able to, all the same.

Feel my limitations
and allow them to be.

Believe that to be torn apart
opens me up to something new.

Face boldly
the fear of being weak and chase it.

Don't kill, through fear,
a future full of promise.

Step by step seek
and seek and move on.

Let myself be transformed
by the demands of God.

Be vigilant every day
for the "I am here for you" God.

In the shadow of anguish,
trust in hope
and day after day
take on life.

- Almut Hohneberg



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