Monthly Reflection


It seems one way to get a quick, but insufficient glimpse of this mysterious Trinity, is to watch how the creative Hand of God keeps offering, with delight, the gifts of life, personality, physical, psychological, for us and to us. The Spirit of God seems to be how the material, spiritual, all are handed again and again whether we slap it away or reverently take it in. Here is a little hint. We can be sure something we have or something we are, is a gift when we desire to hand it on, hand it over, hand it without strings. This interior freedom and desire is an experience of how the Spirit of God plays its part in the Trinity. God gives the Son and then gives the Spirit so we can know and receive the Son in Whom all else is created and handed to us. The Spirit is given so that we can see, know, receive all the other gifts in the Son, in Christ, and then are gently moved to keep them moving along.

We can slap, refuse, deny and reject, but Love moves outward, respecting the slapping hands, and works to perhaps find a way into our other hands. So it is all about being loved in action. God is not a thought, a good idea. God is a trinplex of offering, receiving and continuing. The Trinity is indeed a mystery and so is how patient, faithful and insistently consistent God is, was and always.

“Since you are children of God, God has sent into your hearts the spirit of His Son, the Spirit Who cries out, Abba, Father.

Larry Gillick, SJ


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