Monthly Reflection

Observers think: 

“This man not only
Eats with sinners and outcasts
He’s also too friendly with women
Even foreign women.
How can he be a prophet?”

But the woman thinks:
“He’s different
his closeness is not a man’s invitation,
his nearness is God’s invitation

God’s invitation to change.
God’s invitation to discipleship.
God’s invitation to live-giving water.
My invitation to closeness with God.”



Rising water,

springing from great depths,

stored up long ago when the stars

first sang together for joy.

Living water,

like a cup of celebration,

full and running over

all the days of our life.

Refreshing water,

mysteriously satisfying

so that our youth is renewed

like soaring eagles.

Cleansing water,

washing deep down

where fingers cannot reach,

making all things new.

Surprising water,

breaking through the earth

in rocky places

wherever that man Jesus goes.

Redeeming water,

paid in full by One

who by cross and tomb

has brought us his baptism.


© B.D. Prewer 1997



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