Monthly Reflection

you led Jesus to the desert,
where the evil one
found him.
Jesus saw the attractions the devil offered:
how much power do you want,
how much control,
how much
Cunning, fierce snakes slithered around his feet
hissing, “Choose us! Choose us!”
He said no to them.
Holy Spirit, let us too say no to them,
if you lead us to a desert place.
Please speak in our hearts.
Let us be true to you,
as Jesus



We all have different ways of coping, different ways of assimilating, processing and digesting one’s daily intake of temptations, along with the occasional added supplementation of stress and turmoil. Just as our bodies differ in the methods of the process of neutralising the harmful effects of toxic elements in our everyday intake of sustenance, we too differ in the way we process and neutralize our everyday and at times unwanted consumption of temptation and stress. Being able to find a plan or strategy that proves to be both effective and efficient in addition to being highly adaptive is a key element in being able to combat and deal with the varying sources and formats of these temptations in our everyday lives..



Our cities can be desert places of temptation.

Look around for any signs of exploitation in the media, on the street, etc. and take action
by registering a complaint. 


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