Monthly Reflection


 "This is my beloved son"
echoed the cloud.
Jesus’ face was shining like the sun.
His clothes were
white as light.
O God,
give us a glimpse of your glory
in the morning sky, the sliver of a moon,
in migrating geese and spider webs,
in relief workers, coffee growers
and crossing guards.
Let us see each other shining like the sun.
Let there be no person or place
where we cannot see a bit
of your splendour.


 He came bathed in light, dazzling, radiant…

Forgive us, God,
for accepting mediocrity in your name
and calling it good enough.


He came appearing with Elijah and Moses…

Forgive us, God,
for demanding exclusive expressions of faith
even in the face of your expansive vision.


He came while a voice was shouting: "This is my Beloved; listen!"

Forgive us, God,
for ignoring the voice of the other
struggling to find life in the midst of death; struggling to sustain life in a polluted world; struggling to live.



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