Monthly Reflection


Blessed are those 

who have nor seen

but have believed



Thomas has often been called "doubting Thomas" - a title that is hardly a compliment. But there are lots of reasons, I think, for applauding Thomas - he was honest, he didn't pretend to have faith he didn't have, he didn't just go along with the crowd. He did that very hard thing, which is to own up to being the odd one out among a group of friends. And, bravely, even when he was the odd one out, he didn't go away and isolate himself, he jsut carried on meeting with the other disciples until, a week later, he saw Jesus for himself and found a faith that he COULD own. 

Thomas obviously didn't go ON being troubled with doubt. Christian tradition has it that Thomas was the disciple who took the gospel to India, where later he was martyred. And people don't get martyred for something they aren't too convinced about.

Coleridge wrote some good stuff about doubt. Here's a thought for the day:
"Dubious questioning is a much better evidence than that senseless deadness which most take for believing. People that know nothing...have no doubts. Never be afraid to doubt, if only you have the disposition to believe, and doubt in order that you may end in believing the truth."

Maggi Dawn, Anglican priest


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