Monthly Reflection

Mary, the Apostles and Us

Pentecost, Mary, the Apostles and Us

On this day of Pentecost, a cloudy sky dimly shines through the window
while I sit here, sipping my cup of tea,
gentle raindrops falling on a wood of bright green leaves.
No tongues of fire or windy skies,
but that is how it is sometimes.
God comes not only in excitement and special effects,
but also in a drop,
in the quiet,
to still our souls and
remind us that the Divine, the Holy Spirit,
is Holy Presence, truly “God-with-Us”
in Spirit form–everywhere–
both near and far and high and low
and deep within my heart, and your heart,
and the hearts of people living on the other
side of the globe–maybe even of the universe.
Yes, Lord, pour out your Spirit afresh on us,
on all of us, renewing our lives and the earth,
raining down on us like raindrops,
soaking deep into the soil of the earth
and the soil of our souls.
May this rain of the Spirit bring new life,
an ever-growing communion and holiness
within and among us, more and more each day.

Text: Julie McCarthy
Image: VIth Century Book of Gospels

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