Monthly Reflection


For those who have gone before, life is changed not taken away.

O! it were bliss

after life’s plenitude of miseries and death’s alarms,

to lie within the everlasting arms

awakened by God’s kiss.

Heaven is all in this,

to lose all pain and dread and be thus comforted

by Love’s own kiss -
the kiss that wakes the dead.


For He Himself shall wipe away all tears.

 The pent up grief of years

shall sob itself to rest,

childlike, upon His breast.

With more than mother’s love

He shall caress

and bless

with joy, all joys above,

the comfortless.

Earth could not weep

to pass through death’s eclipse

could she but know whose lips

would raise her from that sleep.

You, who have understood,

be not afraid,

nor dread,

it is God’s kiss – God’s kiss that wakes the dead.


Mary Starkey Gregg, HHS

(Mother St.Austin)

d. 1939

Author of:The Divine Crucible of Purgatory



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