Monthly Reflection

Pathway to heaven,
Arrow of truth
Shadow of the tree of life
pointing to the heart of each
soul’s desire,
Light of the universe,
Spinning in the void until the Word is
growing in the heart of each.
Wisdom in creation,
Heart of compassion,
Fire of the unburning bush,
truth in the heart of all.
Truth growing
tranquillity love-warming
Spirit bending the boughs of our being
in your wind blowing through each heart.
Creator God,
in our prayers we adore you;
in our meditations we worship you,
in our confession we thank you,
in receiving your forgiveness is our healing.
Hear our supplications for the world around us
in its need,
in its emotion,
in its desire.
The world cries:
turn our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh
that your light and truth might break forth
and your glory be
acknowledged and
accepted this Advent.
We rejoice with those who give thanks and look forward. 
We give thanks for those who grapple with crises, asking that
they will have the imagination to deal constructively with underlying causes.
We pray with those who suffer; those who lack education;
those beaten and abused in all the countries of the world;
those for whom violence, terror and displacement is a way of life. 
We offer these prayers in the name of the One
who is Light and Truth.



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