Monthly Reflection

Communion of Saints

The Communion of Saints, that link between the living and the dead is an integral part of the charism of the Helpers.  “The veil is thin.”  In this month when we celebrate the feasts of All Saint and All Souls, let us call to mind our spiritual ancestors and give thanks:

Let us remember the ones who lived and loved deeply, who found the source of their inner strength from you, the Divine Beloved...  

Let us remember the risk-takers, who faced their fears and took action, who sought justice even thought they had to pay a price for it...  

Let us remember the vulnerable ones who allowed us to care for them, to be with them in their time of need...  

Let us remember the faith-filled ones who brought us to the Holy One, who led us, by their words and example, into deeper relationship with God...

Let us remember the brave ones who walked through their struggles with hope, who taught us how to trust and have confidence during our times of sorrow and difficulty...

Let us remember the great lovers of life, whose humour and enthusiasm lifted our spirits and brought us joy...

Let us remember the nurturers, who birthed us physically or spiritually, who gave us sustenance by their caring presence...

Sacred One, Giver and Sustainer of life, 
Thank you for the holy ones whom we have known.
As they embrace you in the white-robed home of eternity, 
We give you thanks for them. 
. May our lives model their virtues. 
May our hearts resonate with their goodness. Amen.

(Joyce Rupp, Out of the Ordinary)


Poem by Mary Starkey Gregg, HHS (Mother St. Austin) d. 1939 Author of: The Divine Crucible of Purgatory

Poem by Mary Starkey Gregg, HHS (Mother St. Austin) d. 1939
Author of: The Divine Crucible of Purgatory

O! it were bliss
after life’s plenitude of miseries and death’s alarms,
to lie within the everlasting arms
awakened by God’s kiss.
Heaven is all in this,
to lose all pain and dread and be thus comforted
by Love’s own kiss - 
the kiss that wakes the dead.
For He Himself shall wipe away all tears.
 The pent up grief of years
shall sob itself to rest,
childlike, upon His breast.
With more than mother’s love
He shall caress
and bless
with joy, all joys above,
the comfortless.
Earth could not weep
to pass through death’s eclipse
could she but know whose lips
would raise her from that sleep.
You, who have understood,
be not afraid,
nor dread,
it is God’s kiss – God’s kiss that wakes the dead.




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