Our Mission

From our very foundation, our Mission has been diverse and we find our communion with one another not in a specific shared work, but in the Source from which it springs. We desire that the choices we make in living our mission should favour those who suffer, the needy, the marginalised and those who are denied freedom and the possibility of living a truly human life

We want to go right to the end, journeying with others, in the quest for a more human life, helping one another attain the goal of our creation: the fullness of life and the vision of God.

Mary Rose   Maureen
Mary Rose    Maureen   Rosemary
Jeannette   Elizabeth   Elaine
Jeannette    Elizabeth   Elaine
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In all of this our desire is:

to be present where  fundamental human rights are violated and, act with others to defend and promote justice,
peace and the integrity of creation;

•  that our choices lead us to work in networks within our different societies and that wherever we find ourselves,
we frequently evaluate our ways of being, integrating reflection and action;

to discover, to listen to and to accompany the signs of hope and solidarity present in those who suffer and in
everyone we encounter.